Skylo Dual Entry 4 in 1 Fill Valve


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Skylo Dual Entry 4 in 1 Fill Valve

Supplied with 1/2" (UK) and 3/8" (Euro) Brass Shanks

A revolutionary dual entry toilet fill valve that can easily switch between a bottom or side entry valve. No need to worry about those tight spaces either as the float can rotate 180 degrees. It's also kitted out with a delayed fill, lowering water bills and keeping your cistern eco-friendly.

  • Bottom or Side Entry
  • Supplied with 1/2" (UK) & 3/8" (Euro) Threads
  • Water Saving Delayed Fill
  • 180 Degree Rotation Float
  • Telescopic
  • Quiet Fill
  • Heavy Duty Brass Threads
  • Supplied With Double Check Filter

Installation instructions can be found here

Data Sheet

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